Are you ready to redecorate your kitchen? One of the easiest ways to redecorate your kitchen and turn it into a cozy place to enjoy meals with your family is to create a cozy country kitchen. Here are some tips to help you add the friendliness and warmth of a country kitchen to your home.


The first thing you need to do to design your country kitchen is to choose your color palate. You can choose just about any color scheme to create a country look in your kitchen, with the exception of neutral tones. A country kitchen must have colors! The most popular combinations are shades of green, pink, blue, and yellow.


Once you have chosen your color scheme in mind, you must look to your wall coverings. Wallpaper borders are an excellent way to instantly show the theme of your kitchen. If there is a particular design element, such as roosters, that you wish to build your country kitchen around, start with a wallpaper border with this element incorporated into the design. Plaids and checks work well for wall coverings. Consider placing wallpaper up to the counter height in your kitchen, and then topping it with a border. Above the border you can paint a solid color.


Once your walls are done, it is time to consider your window treatments. The best window treatment for the country kitchen is a window valance over wood blinds. Keep your valance simple, but in the same color scheme as the rest of your kitchen. A tabbed valance or window swag is great ways to cover your country kitchen windows. Another option is a tiered window covering set. These usually consist of a window swag or valance on the top of the window and a two window panels hung halfway down the window.


Now you need to choose the flooring for your kitchen. The best flooring for a country kitchen is wood flooring. Whether it is hardwood, laminate, or linoleum that looks like wood, the floor should look like a wood floor. The great thing about a country kitchen is that the wood floor can look worn and faded and still fit the decor perfectly! If you do not have the budget for new floors, throw a colored rug under your kitchen table that matches your window coverings.


If your budget allows you to invest in new furniture, consider using wicker wherever possible in your new country kitchen. If your budget does not allow you to buy a new kitchen table and chairs, use accents to bring the country flair to your dinette set. You can add seat cushions that match your new curtains to each chair. For the table, a checkered or floral tablecloth or placemats is the perfect way to bring the country to your kitchen table.


Now you are ready for the fun part! The last thing you need to do in your country kitchen is to add the accent pieces. Place plants on your windowsill, and let your fresh fruits and vegetables sit in a basket on your kitchen counter. Hang your pots and pans from a pot rack in your kitchen to show people that you do, indeed, cook in your country kitchen.


One item you must have on your counters in your country-styled kitchen is a set of canisters to hold flour, sugar, and other baking essentials. Buy a set of canisters that accent the colors you have chosen. Consider choosing a set with a vintage look. These canisters serve not only as beautiful decorations in your kitchen but also as convenient storage. You can add potholders and towels to your kitchen to bring the look together. If you really want to have an authentic country look in your kitchen, visit rummage sales and antique shops to add some retro kitchen utensils around the kitchen as decorations. A breadbox is another item that should be in the country kitchen. Finally, decorate your walls with framed prints featuring country scenes. Be sure that these prints match the colors in your room. You can also hang antique tins and utensils on the walls.


Using these simple tips, you can turn your modern kitchen into a tribute to a bygone era on just about any budget. Just choose the items your budget allows you to do, and leave the rest for another day.